What are the direct numbers for each dispatch region?
West Coast: 800-641-2846 Inbound Indy/Midwest: 800-428-5500 Short Haul: 800-643-9051 East Coast: 800-643-4470 Nights/Weekends: 800-448-1171
What is the cutoff time for daily pay?
If we receive your paperwork by 10:00am CST M-F, you will be paid that day. Paperwork received after 10:00am CST will be processed the following business day.
How old do you have to be to drive for Trailiner?
To be eligible to drive for Trailiner, you must be 23 years old.
What is the difference between EFS & TCH?
EFS purchased TCH in 2012. At that time, TCH was only for use at Flying J locations. Now EFS can be used at ALL locations accepting fleet fuel cards.

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